What we Teach Your Kid…

Technique Description
Sketching Learning to master sketching and shading.
Advanced sketching Human facial features
Oil Pastels Mastering new medium and colour shading
Black and white acrylic Mastering acrylic paint and paint technique
Advanced Black and white Combining acrylic with charcoal
Powder pastels Mastering powder pastels in earth tones
Powder pastels Mastering colour pastels and shading
Acrylic paint Mastering technique and brush control in cool colours
Advanced Acrylic Acrylic advanced in all colours
Acrylic on canvas Canvas techniques
Watercolour paint Mastering watercolours
Beginners Pottery Basic pottery techniques, coiling
Advanced pottery Advanced pottery and sculpting techniques
3D acrylic technique Mastering moulding paste on canvas
Oil Painting Beginners oil painting, abstract
Advanced oil painting Mastering layering of paints

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