Kiddie Create ( Gr 1 to Gr 3)

Kiddie Create is ‘n program wat gemik is om jonger kinders (gr 1 tot 3) in ‘n gekontroleerde, dog kreatiewe omgewing die basiese tot gevorderde kuns vaardighede aan te leer.

Oil-painting-essential-materials-techniques-Good-PaintsKiddie Create is also much more than just doing art since it is also about exploring and development whilst having fun!

In our beginners class children will learn all the necessary fine art techniques and the use of different mediums but in a more relax and less strict manner as in the Intermediate which focus more on the fine art principals and rules.

During our weekly classes your child will learn skills that will accompany them through out their lives, while learning to give outing to their creativity.

Uiters waardevolle waardes soos selfbeheer , selfvertroue, beplanning, ruimtelike IK ontwikkeling en fyn motoriese beheer is ook van die uitkomste wat verwag kan word.

This program is very rewarding for both students and parents, especially if one sees the progress and growth in expressing themselves. We will be creating unique pieces that will find a special place in your home and family.

Due to the fact that we want to give personal attention to each individual, classes will be limited to 10 children, so to avoid disappointment please complete your application as soon as possible.

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