Fine Art classes Gr R -12

The aim of our unique program : to learn students to develop fine art skills in their own time and at their own pace, without any pressure to perform. We focus mainly on the basic fine art rules and teach students to train their eye for detail, so when they know the rules, they can at a advanced stage learn to develop their own style.

Beautiful art pieces will be created by your child, most of which should adorn family galleries for ages to come.
In our 1 hour weekly classes students will find a relaxed atmosphere with small classes ( no more than 10 students per class), where they will get individual professional art instruction from one of our trained teachers, giving them a chance to grow and progress at their own pace.

Our program, developed 9 years ago by founder Chantel Hill, allows each student to work through the curriculum at their onw pace as we found that art should be pressure free and each individual learn and work at their own pace. So in each class students will be at different stages, busy with different mediums and themes, thus allowing newcomers to start at any given time.

Mediums we will cover: Drawing and shading. soft pastels, oil pastels,acrylic paints, water colour paints, mix media,charcoal and much more

To avoid disappointment, please complete your application as soon as possible.

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