Class Details and supplies

Whats needed:
A medium sized toolbox containing the material needed for the phase your youngster is in, would be necessary. This box must be brought along to every class, since he or she will work with his/her own pencils, paints, etc. A basic kit to start with must have the following: a HB pencil, sharpener, soft pastels and a putty eraser.

Please mark everything as best as you can, we cannot take responsibility for “borrowers”. You may buy these (and the rest as we go along) anywhere you can or we can supply it for you at our cost price.  You will be notified well in advance as the child advance to a next medium and new material is required.  There will be an easel and a Masonite backing board for every child, which will remain the property of I Create. Please send an old, slightly over-sized art shirt or t-shirt to protect his/her clothes. You are most welcome to supply some light refreshments for him/her as well.

Although all classes will be conducted in an informal, relaxed atmosphere, we will encourage a certain level of self discipline and good manners are most welcome. Misbehavior will lead to being sent out of class.  We want every child to feel welcome, relaxed and comfortable enough to be able to express themselves freely and artistically.

Please ensure that you keep strictly to class times, no early drop offs or pick ups will be tolerated due to the fact that I have back to back classes that runs on a strict schedule.

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