About Me

My name is Chantel Hill, the creator and owner of Kiddie Create and I Create.

kiddie create,i create,art school,cape town,chantel ottotArt has always been a part of my life, and of course, one of my greatest passions. From a very young age I was lucky to have been given the opportunity and encouragement to be creative, and it has developed into a very fulfilling lifestyle.

Starting off as a toddler, my Mom and I have spent many fun filled hours, doing arts and craft projects. As soon as I outgrew the “house training school”, I was enrolled at a local Art School where wonderful teachers taught me the basics of fine art. The freedom to develop my own style (under supervision) has been instrumental in forming my love and dedication for fine art.

Receiving many a Reward and Gold medals in National competitions, awarded Honoree Colors twice and getting my work exhibited whilst completing High School, acted to strengthen my resolve to make art a major aspect of my life. After matriculating with an A in Fine Art, I studied Interior Décor and Design for a National Diploma and worked in this industry for a few years.

While I worked, I kept practicing my artistic skills by painting and poetry. During this period my church got involved with a school in Kayelitsha and I saw an opportunity to initiate an Art School as part of this program. It was here where I discovered another passion – teaching/training/mentoring children.

Today, 4 others and myself experience the satisfaction of seeing these under privileged children grow in confidence and skills and it still fill me with the utmost joy and gratitude. As a group we donate the time, money and other resources to teach/mentor about 12 youngsters Arts and Crafts on our free Saturdays.

For me, being an artist is more than just painting a picture, it is also about giving free reign to your imagination and interpreting the wonderful, artful world our Heavenly Father has graced us with, bringing joy to others and that great feeling of accomplishment when signing your name on your own unique master piece.

This is what I aim to achieve with Kiddie Create and I Create, empowering as many young people as possible to discover and unleash their creativeness. Being creative is of key importance in most careers today – from bankers to scientists, teachers to medical personnel, engineers to politicians.

It became a most sought after characteristic and skill set. This should be a priority for every parent or guardian today.

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