Welcome to our studio


Welcome to our studio,tucked away under a canopy of trees in our secret garden home to 
Kiddie Create Art School an extra mural art program that focus on fine art,design and pottery             instruction for students from Gr RR and older.

The school founded in 2012 by Chantel Hill ,have developed over the past years an unique art curriculum for beginners, intermediate and advanced students, focusing on individual development, small classes and age appropriate art instruction.

Our award winning school competes in various art competitions and eisteddfods annually but still focus on art being fun, terapeutic and stress free. We find that each human learns and process on their own time, so our classes focus on individual attention and in every class there will be students busy on their own pace with different levels, mediums and themes. 

Our team of professional art teachers work hand in hand with each other and student to help them become the artist they were meant to be, and  thus firmly believe that every person is born with a tallent to create.

Keep a eye on  our website and social media for our holiday workshops and short courses,and  our venue is also available for hire for artistic workshops,events or other extra mural groups.

Please book your child’s free trail class and come and experience the Kiddie Create magic while enjoying a cup of coffee in our garden.

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