Kiddie Create & I Create Art School Program

kiddiecreate,kiddie create,art classes,kids,children,cape townKiddie Create  is an extramural Art School Program for children that are presented at our Art Studio in Boston Bellville, the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town.

In our weekly classes, children will learn to explore their own creativity and develop valuable skills and techniques that will accompany them into their future adventures.

Art is much more than a way to express oneself, it is also about self development on numerous levels. Highly sought after values and attributes that potentially will be gained are, among others, self control, self discipline and self confidence.

children,kids,art classes,cape townOur classes are held in a relaxing and supportive environment aimed to facilitate early childhood development, without the normal accompanying stress and pressures to perform. We strive to ensure that it all happens at each individual’s pace. We also place a high premium on “having fun”, because it seems that children are somehow being robbed thereof in today’s mad world.

Kiddie Create has been designed for children from Gr 1 to 12 and focuses on beginners art,  where the aim is to introduce them to fine art and to teach them the basic art techniques, as well as mastering different art mediums.

Kiddie Create has won a lot of awards and the achievement list includes: Golden Cum lade winners at most of the Eisteddfods  in our area, The Santam National Child Art Competition ( 2 years in a row) Various other competition winners. Our school also have a annual art exhibition and prize giving ceremony where each child are a winner and receive a progress report.

We also do holiday workshops for  preschoolers and school going kids, so please keep a eye on our website for more details.

Kiddie Create are however not only for kids, adults are more than welcome, so please contact us for more info regarding the evening classes for beginners

To be able to express yourself freely should be the most basic right ever assigned to mankind today. To be able to do so artistically should be the most basic of skills necessary to do so.

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